Let's be real....life is short and most people spend it worrying about things that don't really matter. Giving birth to a son that has a tumour in his heart, taught me that health and the ones we love most are all that is needed in this world and what matters above all. So when I see a couple so in love that they aren't shy to hold hands or share a kiss (because who cares if people see them), or friends who aren't shy to laugh their asses off together, big mouth and all, that's what makes my heart sing. That's what I love to capture. You, being you because in the blink of an eye, you know it can all be gone. Savour your relationships with the people you love most, and let's photograph your authentic selves. When you look back on your pictures, I want them to bring you right back to that time, where you can really feel the emotion of that moment. I want to capture you LIVING, LAUGHING and LOVING. So if you're someone that loves deeply, that lives life to the fullest and wants your pictures to reflect that, please reach out. You're part of my tribe and I can't wait to photograph you!

Special thanks to Tania Blake Photography and Melissa Toye Photography for these amazing pictures that showcase my loves and my craft.